SimpLync: Register Lync & Skype4B Clients on your PBX

Now that the beta of SimpLync is publicly available, it´s time to analyze what this product adds to “tradicional” Lync based installations.  For those who still don’t know, SimpLync is a “Soft VideoPhone” that integrates (as a plug-in) to Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business client and provides voice and video calls, conferencing and voice-mail access to any standar VoIP infrastructure.

Uhmmm… One moment… I heard Lync already does that, why have this plugin? Well… Lync “traditional” architecture to get telephony in place is not easy, and requires the use of additional equipment that is complex (and costly) to install. On some cases (as Microsoft 365 Lync Online Services) is not  possible to add that architecture easily, and even experienced architects will find difficulties configuring a hybrid deployment to use their own voice infrastructure. For this reason, is not easy to see business with enterprise voice integrated, even they recognize advantages are clear. This is why SimpLync comes to rescue…

SimpLync adds to Lync clients the possibility to  register directly to any standar PBX , so you can use any kind of combination of architectures, no matter if they are pure in-house based (on-premise),  on cloud, or hybrid.  Not additional elements required.   Cloud and Service providers love it, since it works well with Multi-Tenant PBX  (i.e., Elastix MT or ·3CX Cloud) and in-house installs. It allows any kind of combination, so the customer has the option to keep his local lines and phone devices in perfect combination with Microsoft Office365 services.  You can even use  Remote Call Control functionality on 3CX or Asterisk, and surprisingly, it also integrates with advanced call center solutions on these platforms.

4group-integrationsIn fact, it is important to mention that the integrated softphone also have a powerful script language, that can interact easily with internal CRM systems or Databases.  Moreover,  the plugin  itself has a Call Center Add-on,  for the integration with Call Center Solutions, including QueueMetrics Live, making easy for agents to Login/Logon, Pauses ,  get Queues info or use PowerDial funtions.   This option is quite interesting,  even for people already having a traditional  Enterprise Voice Solution already deployed on Lync,  since it goes a step forward allowing you to deploy a powerful call center at a fraction of the cost normally associated to native Microsoft Lync based Call Centers.  A lot of things can be said about the doors this feature opens. Keep an eye on our next post, where we will cover this in detail.

Undoubtedly, these kind of installations also have some caveats, but in general, they have easy aplicable solutions and the advantages obtained are worth it.  For example,  you need to configure locally each softphone,  but on this case problem is solved with a provisioning server that can be deployed (also available on cloud version) to centralize and automatize configuration.  Another  problem is related to the  confusing end-user experience that some may find difficult to understand when they see additional voice options …On these cases, EuropeSIP advices you to disable voice and video on Lync/MOC side, so the the user only have one menu choice to establish calls.  This has also the advantage of limiting the use of Lync to presence and instant messaging, which is the cheapest MS licensing option (less than half price of full VoIP licensing). That way, you get a powerful UC system based on Microsoft, while using the current voice infrastructure you already own getting the best of both worlds.

Use of SimpLync is easy, and affordable. Most business are already familiar with Lync/Skype communications features, but lack the integration of their desktop with their VoIP system. Now there is no excuse, you can have an unified environment either for a small group of users, an entire department, a subset of advanced call center users, or an entire organization,  with a solution easy and SIMPle to deploy.

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